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How to order online!

Helpful Information

1 Biohealer is 599$ US (minus discount code)

1 pair of Medbed generators are 19,999$ (minus discount code)

The Discount Code JULIEBF10

Click this link Tesla Biohealing WEBSITE 

- You will be directed to the website's main page.

- Then you go to SHOP tab to select which product you want. 

- Select the number of items you want to buy and then add them to cart. 

- You will then be taken to your cart. CLICK THE BOX ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The discount code will be automatically applied on the next page. Click on order summary to view details. 

- On the next page you will fill out your contact informations (name, address, etc)

- On the next page, you will choose your shipping method.

- On the next page you will fill out payment informations - make sure the discount code has been applied if not add it manually on this page. The discount code is JULIEBF10. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

- Once all this information is entered you may click the PAY NOW button. Do not close this page until you get your online confirmation.

- Once the transaction is complete, you will receive an email confirmation from Tesla Biohealing.

Make sure to check your email.

Shipping normally takes 3-5 days.

International shipping orders are between 5-10 days. (Custom Fees may apply)

I hope this information helps You!

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