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Dr. Seth Robinson from Tesla Biohealing explains…

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Contact: Julie Chretien

Tesla Biohealing Sales

+1 514-400-7155 WhatsApp texting

Aggressive, Inoperable Stage 3 Cancer, 20% chance of surviving Testimonial - now in remission since November 10th 2021 and improving everyday with Biophotons & Life Force Energy 

Tesla Medbed Generators are specifically designed for those who need a large amount of Life Force Energy in a short period of time.

Sold in pairs for 19,999 USD

If you wish to purchase the pair of Medbed Generators please be aware of the free gift (2400$ value) that comes with this purchase.

This promotion does not apply to online purchases.

Send us an email at and we will contact you.

This purchase is non returnable and non refundable. 

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Adult Tesla Biohealer : our entry level product designed for those who may not require as much Life Force Energy to improve their situation.

Also available for children

and pets!

Price for adult Biohealer : 599$ USD (minus discount code) - ask us about the Medbed Generator Upgrade Program when you purchase 4 Adult Biohealers!

Price for child Biohealer : 399$ USD (minus discount code)

Price for pet Biohealer : 499$ USD (minus discount code)

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